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General Practitioners Netherlands

Find GP practices in the Netherlands, view address details, read reviews from others and leave your opinion.

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General Practitioners Netherlands

General practitioners

General practitioner - Your Care Online App

Also available via the HuisartseNij | Your Care online app.
From now on, the online services of our practice are also available through an app: the HuisartseNij Application!

HuisartseNij app from GPs in the Nijkerk region.HuisartseNij app is a variant of the Uw Zorg online app for the Nijkerk region.

It gives you 24-hour access to your medication history, allows you to order previously prescribed medication, make appointments and start an eConsult with your GP! An overview of connected practices can be found in the app. We would like to hear about your experiences so that we can further optimise the app. Please let us know via the feedback button in the app or via an email to [email protected]

Your Care Online, ordering medication from the online webshop!

To use the app, patients have to register. Of the 6,000 people who have registered with the patient portal, 600 are now actively using the app. There is some air in between. You have people who don't want to use the app, and of course we also have patients without smartphones," says Benedictus.

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The app is not intended for emergencies, in which case patients should just call", says Ella Benedictus, project manager of the app at the Nijkerk Health Centre. For other cases, it's nice that the queue at the telephonist's is shorter. That works both ways. It is good for the people who call that they are helped faster and it is good for the assistants that there is no huge queue."

General Practitioners Netherlands


Primary General Practitioners

General practitioner (emergency) centres with general practitioner organisations as the primary feature.
Healthcare remains an important factor within society and the healthcare state of the Netherlands.

Primary care for impotence, a suitable erection pill for every man!

On 1 July 2020, Stichting Primair Huisartsenposten transferred the emergency medical centres (GP posts) to the regional GP organisations. As a result, the foundation will be dissolved. As a patient, you will notice little of this transfer. All emergency stations will remain accessible on the existing telephone numbers. The visiting addresses remain the same, with the same triage agents, GPs and work processes. The transferred website currently focuses mainly on erection pills such as Kamagra 100MG.

General Practitioners Netherlands

X-ray doctors

X-ray doctors Netherlands

Röntgen Dokters Nederland specialises in bone fractures and serious injuries.
The speciality is characterised by several factors with expertise also in snapping genitals.

After you have had an X-ray taken, for example of a broken bone, you will receive expert advice on the next steps and the rehabilitation process explained in a handy booklet full of information on X-rays and doctors who specialise both in X-rays and in determining the ideal erectile remedies when one turns out to be impotent and alternatives no longer work.

For example, specialised doctors may prescribe the following erectile dysfunction remedies when one cannot maintain a full erection:

Kamagra Oral Jelly
Kamagra 100MG
Vidalista 20mg
Cobra 120mg
Lovegra for Women

Talking about the agreements, the manufacturer Ajanta Pharmaceuticals adheres to all FDA laws and carries out strict quality controls while preparing the medicine.

Is Kamagra safe?

There should be no question that Kamagra is safe, as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved this Sildenafil brand. Kamagra is simply a generic Sildenafil brand in Europe that undergoes strict quality control, making it useless to doubt its credibility.

Online providers

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